Syracuse Basketball - Orangemen Family Relations

The following is a list of Syracuse University basketball players that had a family member also play basketball for the Orangemen. Though Scoop Jardine and Dion Waiters were often referred to as cousins, they were in fact not related.

Adrian Autry (father), Adrian Autry Jr. (son)
Reaves 'Ribs' Baysinger (father), Reaves Baysinger Jr. (son)
Charles Beck (brother), John Beck (brother)
Buddy Boeheim & Jimmy Boeheim (cousin), Nick Giancola (cousin)
Jim Boeheim (father), Buddy Boeheim (son), Jimmy Boeheim (son)
Jim Boeheim (uncle), Nick Giancola (nephew)
Jim Bruett (brother), Bill Bruett (brother)
Vinnie Cohen (father), Vinnie Cohen Jr. (son)
Ed Cronauer (brother), John Cronauer (brother)
Roy Danforth (father), Mike Danforth (son)
Walt Darby (brother), Sam Darby (brother)
Bill Drew (father), Kevin Drew (son)
Steve Keating (father), Stephen Keating (son)
Ky Feldman (brother), Shane Feldman (brother)
Bill Finney (brother), Bob Finney (brother)
Joe Glacken (brother), Ed Glacken (brother)
Ev Katz (brother), Milt Katz (brother)
Ronnie Kilpatrick (cousin), Walt Scott (cousin)
Bob Kouwe (uncle), Andrew Kouwe (nephew)
David Lee (brother), Matt Lee (brother)
Mike Lee (brother), Jimmy Lee (brother)
Mike Maister (brother), Elmer Maister (brother)
Billy Owens (father), Chaz Owens (son)
Leo Rautins (father), Andy Rautins (son)
Frank 'Max' Riehl (brother), Albert Riehl (brother)
Mike Stark (brother), Pat Stark (brother), Lou Stark (brother)
Dick Suprunowicz (father), Bill Suprunowicz (son)
Howard Triche (cousin), Jason Hart (cousin)
Howard Triche (uncle), Brandon Triche (nephew)

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